Secure Web Applications Group

Ben Stock running for SIGSAC Secretary-Treasurer

As part of my commitment to the community, I am happy to announce that I am running for the position of the Secretary-Treasurer within ACM SIGSAC, the organization behind conferences like CCS and AsiaCCS. Find my motivation statement below:

I have been a member of the security community since 2013, with one of my first conferences being CCS in Berlin. The diversity of interesting topics was fascinating to a young PhD student. Since then, I have been a regular author at CCS and AsiaCCS and have served on the PC for CCS since 2018. I have seen the community grow, in particular SIGSAC’s CCS as the biggest venue of our field. This raises significant challenges for the community to further grow and remain positive in our assessment of submissions. Next to managing the SIGSAC finances, the secretary/treasurer is part of the SIGSAC executive committee. In this role, I hope to provide constructive suggestions to tackle the growth of the community, influence the positivity of the reviewing process, and help expand SIGSAC’s diversity, both in terms of authors, attendees, and reviewers as well as locations for its conferences. In particular, as the current pandemic has shown, our future likely lies in the realm of hybrid online/offline events. As part of the executive committee, I want to help shape this future, bringing my experience from conference organisation to the table, sustaining SIGSAC and its venues at their world-class level.