Secure Web Applications Group

Bachelor / Master Theses

We offer theses in the areas of Web vulnerability detection, analyis, and mitigation as well as on the broad subject of vulnerability notifications. It is strongly encouraged that you have taken courses in this area, specifically the advanced lecture on Web security our groups offers. Moreover, note that theses in our group are typically high-effort/high-reward, which are meant to be submitted as papers to the major venues in our field. Considering the amount of credit points you will receive for this, expect that you should be able to spent around 20h/week for the duration of your thesis on the topic.

As of July 2021, we are not able to offer theses to students that inquire, given the recent changes with graduating PhD students. We nevertheless may contact you in cases where you excelled in our lecture

If you are interested in a thesis in this area, please contact Ben Stock. Please include the word "Stuhlsatzenhaus" in your email subject to confirm that you have read this page and understand the implications of theses within our group. I will ignore emails that do not contain this keyword.

Research Immersion Labs

For students enrolled in the Computer Science Graduate School, we offer Research Immersion Labs. These typically include a full-time research visit for about 6 weeks, in which you will be exposed to cutting research done within our group. As with any position in our group, we expect a strong background in Web security. If you are eligible for a RIL and have already demonstrated your expertise in Web security (e.g., in our lecture), contact Ben Stock to discuss options.

Student Assistants

Our group usually recruits Hiwis from outstanding students in our lecture(s). If you have not been approached, but believe you would be a good fit, contact Ben Stock. Requirements for student helpers include a strong background in Web security as well as experience in either Python or JavaScript. When contacting us, please be sure to include information about relevant courses you have taken and their corresponding grades.