Secure Web Applications Group

Joint CISPA Conference Seminar WS 17/18

Course type Conference seminar
Credit Points 7
Organization Dr.-Ing. Ben Stock
Time/Place Kickoff: October 20th, 10am, E9.1, Room 0.06
Registration via CMS


In this seminar, students will be exposed to a researcher's bread and butter, i.e., publishing their work at a conference. Apart having chosen a topic, each student will independently research the state-of-the-art in the area and write a paper about it. By the deadline, this paper must be submitted to a conference management system for review. At this point, students change the perspective and become reviewers themselves, giving constructive feedback to the papers of other students. Once a paper is accepted, the students are expected to address the comments from the reviewers and submit a camera-ready version of their paper. As the final step in the publication process, each student then presents his or her paper at the conference at the end of the semester.


  • 16.10.2017: Deadline for registering for the seminar
  • 20.10.2017: Kickoff Meeting, Topic Presentation, Topic Bidding
  • 21.10.2017: Topic assignment
  • 27.10.2017: "How to write a paper" Meeting
  • 23.12.2017: Submission Deadline for seminar papers
  • 14.1.2018: Reviews due
  • 28.1.2018: Camera-ready version of seminar papers due
  • 27.2.2018: Presentation of all papers at conference

Advisors and Topics

As of September 21st, the following topics are available:

  • Jonas Schneider: Verifiable Computation / (Zero-Knowledge) SNARKs
  • Yang Zhang: The state of friendship prediction with mobility data
  • Robert Künnemann: accountability in protocols
  • Lucjan Hanzlik: Group and Ring signatures
  • Marie Walter: Data Integrity: Attacks and Defenses
  • Nataniel Borges: Android Test Generation
  • Praveen Manoharan: Differential Privacy
  • Ninja Marnau: Web Tracking (Privacy Aspects)
  • Erik Derr: The Impact of Third-party Code on App Security
  • Johannes Krupp: Traceback of Reflective DDoS / DDoS Defense
  • Dhiman Chakraborty: Language-Based Information-Flow Security
  • Dhiman Chakraborty: Noninterference through Secure Multi-Execution
  • Rahul Gopinath: Mutation Analysis and Testing
  • Rahul Gopinath: Program Repair
  • Sven Bugiel: Password Security
  • Giorgi Maisuradze: Code Reuse Attacks
  • Michael Brengel: Binary Code Reuse
  • Ben Stock: Vulnerability Notifications
  • Patrick Speicher: Privilege escalation

Registration and Grading

All students who want to participate in the seminar must register via the Course Management System until October 19th. Your final grade will depend on your seminar paper, the quality of your reviews, and the final presentation. Details on the exact weights of each grade will be announced in the kickoff meeting. For the initial submission, we expect the paper to be in an acceptable state already. A subpar submission may be grounds for failing the course.