Secure Web Applications Group

Joint Advances in Web Security WS 19/20

Course type Seminar
Credit Points 5 (for Proseminars), 7 (for seminar)
Organization Dr.-Ing. Ben Stock, Dr. Giancarlo Pellegrino
Time/Place Kickoff: TBD
Registration Centrally through the CISPA seminar assignment system.


In this seminar, students will learn to present, discuss, and summarize papers in different areas of Web security. The seminar is taught as a combination of a reading group with weekly meetings and a regular seminar, where you have to write a seminar paper. Specifically, each student will get a single topic assigned to them, consisting of two papers (a lead and follow-up paper).

For the weekly meetings, all students have to have read the lead paper and must state at least three questions before the meeting. In the meeting, the assigned student will present the follow-up paper. Afterward, the entire group will discuss both papers.

Moreover, each student will write a seminar paper on the topic assigned to them, which covers at least the two papers given for the topic. For the proseminar, the students do not have to write a seminar paper